I started to draw my comic strip Fumettisottovuoto during the late 00s, 
when I was studying at the University. 
I decided to post it on a blog and it became one of the first 
and most read webcomics in Italy. 
The strip was about the daily life of a young woman, 
her unrequited love, her relationships, her family, 
her feminist values and friendships in the LGBTQ world.
It was firstly published by the Italian publisher Coconino Press. 
I stopped drawing it shortly after for various reasons 
and for many years I wasn't able to write my stories.
The cursed year 2020 brought me at least one good thing: 
during the lockdown I started to write my comic strip's stories again. 
The new Fumettisottovuoto season is about the daily life of an adult person 
living with her senior parents after putting an end to a 10-years relationship.
The strip is currently published by the Italian comics magazine LINUS