Travel and lifestyle Illustrations 
for the weekend supplement

Online Fitness Classes: Good news for introverts!
Who can finally dance like no one’s watching 

A Social-Distancing Scavenger Hunt

Can you spy a hipster face mask? A neighborly shrug? 

Turn your daily stroll around the neighborhood into a sport

Coronavirus yoga classes!
Downward dog pose 

Coronavirus Spring Cleaning

Why You Should Never Buy Ski Gear Again,

except for your own boots

Teens travelers at the Peru EcoCamp:

The best family vacations according to age 

A Chic Mediterranean Island For the Whole Family

Formentera: with kids and without kids

Teaching Hotels:  

Where students of hotel management schools 

put classroom theory into real world practice

The Cure for Packing Anxiety: 

Packing services that promise to relieve travelers’ baggage burdens

Perks in luxury hotels:

Shopping in your own room

Nonstop Flights get you farther faster  

Traveling by plane to far-off places with no intermediate stops

Best Year's Booking Hotels WebSites